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With my professional and personal experiences, I am a knowledgeable and empathetic resource for expatriate employees and their families adapting in the Netherlands. It`s my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we`ll work together to achieve your goals. I help people who are experiencing distress or stress either in their personal lives, in their relationships, in their families or in their career. As well I provide effective treatments for a range of problems, issues and difficulties, including managing gifted & talented employees.
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We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you and strive toward carefully planned goals in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. I am here to help you to feel safe and empowered. In my practice, I encourage self-expression, acceptance, caring, understanding, and also facing one's fears and anxieties in order to live fuller and more meaningful and enjoyable lives. My therapeutic style is compassionate, gentle, and nonjudgmental. I provide a secure, confidential environment in which you can speak about the specific issues that are affecting you.
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Relationships are complicated, and we are often not given a handbook with all the instructions. Typically, we use what we are given by past generations whether it worked or not to guide us. My approach to healing is working alongside you, to discover the patterns that are not working and interrupt them. This can be a challenging process, but one that has the possibility for long-term benefits. Are you currently in a relationship that keeps repeating the same cycle? Are you an individual unclear of where you’re headed? Are you in a family that struggles to enjoy one another? If you answered yes to any of these questions, allow me to sit with you and join in your struggle. From this connection we can create change and disrupt the patterns that are currently keeping you stuck.

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My private practice will offer you a warm and caring place to build skills and enhance your personal growth. Therapy is a guided process of self-discovery. Whether it begins in response to a traumatic event or at a time when positive change is sought, old patterns of behavior and thinking can stand in the way of healthy communication and feelings. Therapy provides access to strengthen skills so that new and healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviors take the place of old unhealthy ones.

To make our team stronger practice looking for a Clinical Psychologist. 

Initial consultation

At the beginning we will discuss the reasons you are seeking help. This will also be an opportunity for you to talk about what your expectations are.

sessions lengths

I respect your process and progress. In practice this means that session length is flexible and may be anything from 1 hour onward.


Need to cancel your appointment, please give 48 hours notice. Failure to give the required notice will result in charging a cancellation fee.


Overall, what is said between you and me in the therapy sessions is strictly confidential. Confidentiality is a respected part from code of ethics.

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